WRISE Member Profile: Meet Raheleh Folkerts

August 15, 2019 • WRISE Member Profile

Raheleh Folkerts
Senior Director of Marketing
7X Energy Inc
WRISE Board Secretary
2020 Leadership Forum Co-Chair


How did you get involved with WRISE?
When I moved to Colorado in 2007, a colleague and I rebooted the Colorado chapter as it had gone dormant by the time we were there. I haven’t stopped volunteering since then.

What is your favorite part of WRISE?
Hmm, that’s a hard one as I feel there are so many great things about WRISE. What stands out for me is the networking opportunities and webinars. The first allows you to build up a network of women in the industry who you can bounce ideas off of, support, and just hang out when in a crowded room of men at a conference. The webinars also show the talent in the “room” if you will of our membership. There are so many exceptional women who are part of WRISE and they have so much wisdom and experience to share.

What advice would you give a woman trying to start her career in renewables?
Reach out to folks in the industry through conferences, LinkedIn, and other networking events. Network, Network, Network. Sometimes to get that foot in the door it could simply depend on who you know.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Rather boring, but a classic – chocolate chip

What’s your favorite sports team?
San Antonio Spurs. They always have great teamwork and focus on the team winning; not the individual baskets they make. It’s how we should approach most things in life – for the greater good.