WRISE Legacy Awards and Honors

WRISE has a legacy of recognizing individuals across the renewable energy industry for their leadership and work towards a transformed energy ecosystem where all people and our planet thrive. This suite of awards included WRISE Honors, WRISE Woman of the Year, WRISE Rising Star and WRISE Champion. As we have evolved in our mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and equitable energy future by igniting the collective power of community, we want to similarly evolve in how we recognize and uplift members of the community. As such, we are using our capacity to focus on programs that ensure others have a seat at the table  (like our Speakers Bureau database, and Wind and Solar Power fellowship opportunities) and highlight individuals from systemically excluded communities (the goal of our Envision series).

WRISE Honors

The WRISE Honors program recognized several individuals based on various industry themes. Individuals who were honored:

  • had a measurable impact on advancing renewable energy today and in the future,
  • represented a diverse cross-section of technology, backgrounds, and experience,
  • positively influenced others in everyday life and acted as a role model for women and marginalized genders looking to enter the field.

WRISE Woman of the Year

The WRISE Woman of the Year award recognized and honored successful women in the renewables industry.


WRISE Rising Star

The WRISE Rising Star award recognized mid-career individuals who have made a notable impact in the industry and are on track to an even more impactful future.


WRISE Champion

The WRISE Champion award was founded to showcase advocates and allies doing their part to build community, promote education, and cultivate leadership.