Show your support for our mission by showing off your WRISE gear proudly! All profits go towards supporting WRISE’s mission and programming.

Grab t-shirts, hats, masks, and more for your friends and family (and yourself of course!)

Browse phone cases, stickers, and magnets featuring the WRISE logo

Find items to add a little WRISE to your home. Featuring mugs, totes, and more

Your furry friends can rock WRISE merch too! Shop bandanas, bowls, and mats


Where can I find sizing information?

You can find the specific sizing guide on each product’s individual page. Navigate to the product page by clicking on either the image, or the product name and price located underneath the image.

How long will my order take to ship?

Redbubble handles shipping and fulfillment for all WRISE products. Please visit their Shipping FAQ here.

Do you ship internationally?

All shipping and fulfillment is handled through Redbubble, which is able to ship internationally! Please visit their International Shipping FAQ here, and note that any charges incurred from customs will be passed onto the customer.

I have a question or issue with a pending or existing order.

Redbubble handles the shipping and fulfillment of all our products – please visit their Help site for more information. If you can’t find an answer there, please submit a request to their Customer Service team here.

I want to place a bulk order.

Thanks for your interest in supporting WRISE via a bulk purchase! Please email merch@wrisenergy.org for more information.

Why did you choose Redbubble as the platform for your store?

In the process of choosing a platform for WRISE merchandise, we considered several categories – among them was each candidate’s commitment to sustainability, DEI, and labor standards. Redbubble utilizes on-demand shipping – meaning only what is ordered gets produced, minimizing waste. Redbubble also employs the use of smart fulfillment – each order is produced at the printing center that is closest to the shipping address of the recipient. Further, Redbubble partners with 3Degrees to offset carbon emissions from shipping, and holds all it’s printing centers to the standards of the FLA Code of Conduct. Moreover, Redbubble is committed to ensuring diversity at all levels of their company. For all these reasons and more, we found Redbubble to be the best platform suited to our needs. Learn more about Redbubble’s commitment to social responsibility here.