WRISE Company Spotlight: Vineyard Wind

June 14, 2022 • Stories About WRISE



Company Spotlight


Vineyard Wind LLC is an offshore wind development company. They’re featuring employee Tess Dunleavy – the Onshore Construction Coordinator for Vineyard Wind 1.


“My name is Tess Dunleavy and I am the Onshore Construction Coordinator for Vineyard Wind 1. I began
my journey in the offshore wind industry as an intern for Vineyard Wind in the Fall of 2020. I was then
added to the onshore construction team in February of 2021. The main construction goals of the
onshore team are to build the onshore substation, install 5.5 miles of underground duct bank, conduct
the HDD work (horizontal directional drilling) where the offshore cables make landfall, and install the
TJB (transition joint bay) at the landfall site of the offshore cables. My daily activities include venturing
to the various sites to ensure compliance on several fronts such as environmental, safety and the
commitments we have made to the Town of Barnstable to ensure that all work is being done adequately
and in the most efficient manner possible. I am the liaison between Vineyard Wind and the Town of
Barnstable, and I also act as the liaison between the onshore team and other teams within Vineyard
Wind, as the company is so large that I act as the eyes and ears for everyone as a whole.

The Vineyard Wind project is something incredibly exciting to be a part of given its uniqueness. It is the
first commercial scale offshore wind farm in the United States. It will bring 800 megawatt of clean,
renewable energy to 400,000 homes. It is making history, and it is doing so right in the town that I grew
up in. I was born and raised in Centerville which is where the cables are making landfall and where part
of the underground duct bank route falls. It is amazing to see such a monumental project, and such an
important part of combating the environmental crisis, occur here in the Town that I have lived in my
whole life. It’s creating local jobs which adds to the economic development of the community
surrounding the project. It is involving people of all ages, allowing for younger people like myself the
opportunity to become a part of a brand-new industry here in the United States. I am learning
something new every day and I could not be more grateful to be a part of something so amazing.”

To learn more about the Vineyard Wind project, please follow this link here.

A link to current job openings can be found here.


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