About Rudd

WRISE’s Wind Power fellowship is dedicated to the memory of Rudd Mayer.  The energy community greatly misses Rudd’s amazing spirit, smiling face, sense of humor, and dedication to environmental issues, students and non-profit work. Rudd died on August 13, 2002 of sudden heart failure.

During her ten-year career at Western Resource Advocates, Rudd led efforts to promote Colorado utilities’ wind power programs to businesses, schools, communities of faith, government agencies and households.  Rudd’s vibrant personality and passion helped her to convince thousands of Coloradoans that wind power was the key to conserving resources for future generations.  After her pioneering work in Colorado, Rudd set out to help other non-profits around the country who were beginning similar initiatives.  

Her cutting-edge work earned national recognition, including the National Award for Sustainability from the President’s Council on Sustainable Development and Renew America in 1999, the American Wind Energy Association’s 1999 Wind Energy Advocacy Award, the 2001 Green Power Pilot Leadership Award (for her cutting edge outreach efforts to boost interest in green power), and the 2002 EPA Climate Protection Award.

Rudd continues to be an inspiration for those who knew her and for all who hear her story.

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